About Us

Dyn-Optics is a privately held U.S. technology company with over 30 years experience in designing, and manufacturing innovative electro-optic products for a diverse range of industries.

Our products span a wide range of technologies and applications including state-of the-art optical monitors for optical coating process control and bench top reflectometers and transmissometers for production inspection and quality control. Our patented RedHawk™ series hand-held thermal scanners have been helping fire fighters throughout the world prevent countless dangerous callbacks and rekindles.

Dyn-Optics was founded in 1979 in Laguna Hills, CA with the commitment of providing high quality electro-optic products to the rapidly growing industrial, research, and commercial industries. The company continues today in Northern NJ, a picturesque region of the state quietly known for a diversity of advanced technology and resources. Our customers include high tech manufacturers, government and private research facilities, university research departments, and federal / state / municipal fire departments.

All Dyn-Optics products are backed by an experienced and dedicated technical support staff ready to serve our most valuable asset, our customers.

Your comments and feedback are always welcome and we look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you for your continued loyalty and support !

Ph: 973-944-3996