Model 955 RedHawk™

Model 955 Red Hawk™ Thermal Scanner
  • Unique Patented Design
  • SmartSightTM Technology
  • Faster, More Reliable Hot Spot Detection
  • Complete Mop-Ups in 1/5th Time
  • Prevents Call Backs
  • Operates Through Glass
  • Uses Standard AA Batteries
  • Lightweight, Easy to Use
  • Help Needed Alarm
  • No-nonsense Warranty

The Model 955 Red Hawk™ Thermal Scanner is a light weight, handheld, highly selective thermal scanner designed specifically for finding hot spots. Dyn-Optics time-proven thermal scanners have been helping fire fighters complete there jobs quicker, safer and prevent rekindles for over 35 years.


With patented SmartSightTMTechnology the Model 955 Red HawkTM maintains maximum sensitivity even in full sunlight. The Model 955 can detect heat sources as small as a lit cigarette on an asphalt roadway in broad sunlight. Unlike thermal imagers and IR thermometer, the Red Hawk is unaffected by sunlight giving it unsurpassed performance in outdoor applications.

The Model 955 Red HawkTM is easy to operate and designed to give reliable performance time after time. Held like a flashlight and waved around a suspected area, the Red HawkTM quickly finds hot spots and emits a loud alarm instantly alerting the operator.

Like a Geiger Counter for Heat !

The pitch of the alarm increases as the Red HawkTM is pointed closer to the hot spot allowing the firefighter to quickly locate heat sources without taking his eyes off the area being investigated.

The Red Hawk is the only thermal scanner with a 100% built-in self test which ensures device integrity each time the unit is powered to give firefighters the confidence they need.