Model 955L Red Hawk™

955L RedHawk with Lanyard

Model 955L Red Hawk™ Thermal Scanner

  • Quickly Finds Hot Spots
  • Prevents Call Backs
  • Sees Through Glass
  • Works in Full Sunlight
  • SmartSight™ Technology 
  • Lightweight (less than 1 lb)
  • Finish Mop Up in 1/5th Time
  • Saves Time & Money

The Model 955L RedHawk™ Thermal Scanner is the latest and most advanced addition to the time-proven line of thermal scanners manufactured by Dyn-Optics that have been aiding fire fighters and smoke jumpers for years.

Designed specifically for hot spot detection, Dyn-Optics patented SmartSight™ Technology provides a higher contrast ratio than other thermals sensors – up to 1000X greater than thermal imaging cameras (TICs) and IR thermometers. This gives the RedHawk™  faster, more reliable hot spot detection and, unlike TICs, The RedHawk™ can see through glass allowing users to literally “See What Others Don’t”.

The RedHawk™ includes a bright Class II red aiming laser for pin-point location of hot spots inside structures, on walls, ceilings and other structural features.

The RedHawk™ uses a loud audible alarm to alert the presence of a hot spot and unlike a TIC, it does not need a viewfinder to  distract the attention of the firefighter from the scene at hand.

For outdoor use (i.e.. wildland),  SmartSight™ Technology allows the RedHawk™ maintain maximum sensitivity even in full sunlight. The RedHawk™ can detect heat sources as small as a lit cigarette on an asphalt roadway in broad sunlight. Unlike thermal imagers and IR thermometer, the RedHawk Thermal Scanner is unaffected by sunlight giving it unsurpassed performance in outdoor applications.


The Model 955L RedHawk™ Thermal Scanner is easy to operate and designed to give reliable performance time after time. Held like a flashlight and waved around a suspected area, the RedHawk™ quickly finds hot spots and emits a loud alarm instantly alerting the operator. The pitch of the alarm increases as the RedHawk™ is pointed closer to the hot spot allowing the firefighter to quickly locate heat sources without taking his eyes off the area being investigated.

Each time the unit is turned it performs a complete self-test by turning on an internal IR emitter. The RedHawk™ responds just as if it were a real heat source and activates it’s alarm ensuring 100% device integrity to give  firefighters the confidence they need.

The RedHawk™  Model 955L includes a help needed alarm: by turning the power switch on and off two times quickly, a loud continuous warbling alarm is activated to alert other personnel that help is needed.

No-Nonsense Warranty

The RedHawk™ Model 955L Thermal Scanner is designed to give years of reliable use under the most extreme conditions. The RedHawk™ has an water-resistant, anodized machined aluminum housing and is maintenance-free other than periodic replacement of batteries and occasional cleaning of the exterior.

Each RedHawk™ is backed with an unconditional 3 year warranty. If your RedHawk™ fails for any reason (batteries excluded), please return it to Dyn-Optics and we will repair or replace it free of charge. Please contact Dyn-Optics to make arrangements for a return prior shipping item back to factory.

Features / Specs:

  • Unique Patented Design
  • SmartSight™ Technology
  • Faster, Reliable Hot Spot Detection
  • Operates Through Glass
  • Bright Class II Red Laser
  • Uses Standard AA Batteries
  • Lightweight, Easy to Use
  • Rugged Anodized Aluminum Housing
  • Help Needed Alarm
  • No-nonsense 3-Year Warranty

The RedHawk™ Thermal Scanner System Includes:

  • Model 955L RedHawk™ Thermal Scanner
  • Rugged, Waterproof Storage Case with Lifetime Warranty
  • Codura™ Carrying Pouch with Velcro™ Strap and Swivel Snap
  • 24″ Retractable Lanyard with Belt Clip
  • Operations Manual
  • Batteries Included
  • 3 Year Warranty