Programmable IR Emitters


IRM100IRM100 Programmable Black Body Source

  • Internally or Externally Modulated DC-100Hz
  • Eliminates Need for External Chopper
  • 1 to 20μm Spectral Output
  • Adjustable Output from 0 to 750°C
  • Self Calibrated
  • USB Powered and Programmed
  • Compact Size 1.75″ square x 0.75

The IRM100 is an easy to use, compact programmable IR black-body source for researchers, OEMs, and commercial applications.

Based on MEMs technology, the high speed response time of the IRM100 provides a modulation range from DC to 100Hz – eliminating the need for an external chopper. For pulsed operation, the IRM100 can be triggered internally or from an external source.

The IRM100 also is self-calibrating and runs in a constant power mode eliminating aging effects and providing long term stability and hassle-free operation.

The IRM100 is user-programmed via the USB port with a simple ASCII command set to control the output level, pulse repetition frequency, duty cycle and trigger mode. The USB port also provides DC power to the IRM100. All settings are saved internally in non-volatile memory.

OEM inquiries welcome.

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