Pocket Indexer

The Dyn-Optics DPI-100 Pocket Indexer combines the power of a high torque index drive motor with the most advanced position control available.  Our unique Intelligent Position Awareness, IPA™, ensures precise pocket indexing and positioning.  With automatic position recovery, the DPI-100 will detect and correct for any position errors automatically.  In the event the turret becomes jammed, the DPI-100 is the only pocket indexer with a manual jog mode which allows the operator manually rotate the turret in any direction.

Pocket Indexer Features

  • The DPI-100 supports up to 16 pockets and circular
  • Up to two banana pockets of any length may be specified
  • IPA™ Intelligent Position Awareness with automatic position recovery
  • Opto-isolated interfaces
  • 4:1 gear reduction works with standard E-guns
  • Configuration via easy to use PC software
  • Manual control via PC software or optional remote control panel
  • External control via deposition controller, PLC, or custom software
  • Four rotation modes plus UHV crucibles supported
  • Configurable jogging and banana sweep speeds
  • Safety interlock relay ensures the E-beam is not active during pocket rotation
  • Error and fault detection
  • Noise immunity
  • Compact Size
Remote Control Panel

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